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Augmented Reality

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  • Virtual Reality Technology(2nd Ed.), Grigore C. Burdea & Philippe Coiffet. John Wiley & Sons,Inc. 2003

RealityAugmented Reality (AR)

  • AR combines real and virtual, is interactive in real time and is registered in 3D
  • Augmented reality alters how we see the real world
    - AR supplements reality
    - VR completely replaces reality
  • Blends real and virtual in a real environment
  • Applies to other augmented senses too!
    - Adds graphics, sounds, haptics and/or smell to the natural world
  • On the spectrum between virtual reality and the real world, augmented reality is closer to the real world

Basic Types of Augmented Reality

  • HMD-based AR
    - Optical see-through, transparent HMD
    - Video see-through, videomix HMD
    - HMD-AR is the ”classic” AR style
  • Projector-based AR
    - AR on real surfaces
  • Monitor-based AR
    - Videomix for monitor/handheld display
    - Augmented sports broadcasts
    - Computer games mixing real images and computer graphics (Sony Eye-toy etc.)

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