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MUST Corp.

MUST Corp.


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  • Package:
  • Defined In : ajax/index.ashx
  • Class:   
  • Subclasses:   
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	private static Dictionary<Guid, Guid> boardToPage = new Dictionary<Guid, Guid>{
		//first - board ID, second - page ID of menu.xml
		{ new Guid("1D84F8EC-736D-4AF9-95B0-2DEB2E1B098F"), new Guid("82331DB9-BC7A-440E-B62B-7BCD4B96FDA6") }, //팔경
		{ new Guid("3D16B022-DF1F-4A58-9249-B4249494245D"), new Guid("A2506FCD-CC29-4B0E-BDA7-179DDDE80894") }, //온천
		{ new Guid("1C4FF611-B1B2-497B-A586-2F64AB8BA61C"), new Guid("52D41BEF-688D-4E62-9642-2DB9A07356E1") }, //명산
		{ new Guid("F060C625-C4C4-4899-97AF-DAADC5D9CC61"), new Guid("50E5576A-0B3F-40C3-86F2-2005576ACE61") }, //촬영장
		{ new Guid("3D16B022-DF1F-4A58-9249-B4249494245D"), new Guid("F699C0CC-E388-4452-83EA-01330287EE06") }, //체험관광
		{ new Guid("764D5457-CD22-4E06-A25D-6327C236C26E"), new Guid("7CAFB34F-3C04-4CFF-99E8-D7E90792CB17") }, //생활체육시설
		{ new Guid("0BA809F8-75C5-472C-99F9-F3F81AFF4A6F"), new Guid("09B32C05-030F-4FF1-80D3-9E1D582439AC") }, //문화재
		{ new Guid("0AE4A689-5E83-413F-8CCC-F45425B6937E"), new Guid("51F28B18-AFE0-4FD4-8934-FC5104E76AE9") }, //전통민속
		{ new Guid("2ABBB729-EC2A-4C94-A5A6-78D0206CD47D"), new Guid("2ABBB729-EC2A-4C94-A5A6-78D0206CD47D") }, //문화공간
		{ new Guid("DE4E8563-C256-4044-8CDA-C6C0CB9F5012"), new Guid("BF998051-B975-4443-9A2E-22E7FF58D204") }, //지명유래
		{ new Guid("3DD63A50-86DE-45BF-B47D-569E9C5099EE"), new Guid("7E6657DD-CEBA-46CA-994D-91874C5B7BC8") }, //문경의전설
		{ new Guid("DBAD09BA-CB94-4494-B6D9-77D82918AA12"), new Guid("C1295756-4428-4E90-978C-44FDAA236C90") }, //숙박
		{ new Guid("A3C74304-6512-480C-B563-C518289263C5"), new Guid("CF916D4F-775B-4B7E-82C4-08C39C37B422") }, //음식점
		{ new Guid("BE3F5D2B-2A13-4CC2-884D-3055D8A1D9FF"), new Guid("BF55CF10-7B5C-425E-8594-33400164537B") }, //친절음식점
		{ new Guid("409613D6-C425-460A-80AB-F1207447265F"), new Guid("13859633-77E6-4448-9176-A65ED6014CAA") }, //향토음식
		{ new Guid("73E2555E-54B9-450E-81D9-99D650E1C5CF"), new Guid("E96AA98B-62E9-4A38-9201-4F399B286556") } //여행사

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