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Convert Resolution Setting

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  • Package:    
  • Defined In : present/smooth.streaming.xml
  • Class:   
  • Subclasses:   
  • Extends:  


if you change smooth stream "smooth.streaming.xml", iphone is also changed among streams there is also audio stream so be sure not to delete audio stream

  • if you have already converted video for iphone you have to edit 2 files:

  • in .ism file you need to delete
    <video src=...>
    tag for each stream

  • in .m3u8 you need to delete 2 lines for each stream

  • if you changed smooth.streaming.xml, new video is no need to change .ism, .m3u8 file


Most Apple devices can play media encoded at bit rates up to 1,600 Kbps. if streams start from Bitrate="1427", (1427 + 64) * 1024 is close to 1600

so we need to lower first stream bitrate for iPhone in smooth.streaming.xml like 1200 or something like this

                Size="448, 336">
                    BufferWindow="00:00:04" />

actually it's possible to change in IIS 1600 => to something, but in this case there is no guarantee that it will be played on all iOS devices

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