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Remote Assistance

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Easy Connect

At a command prompt, type msra

Offering Remote Assistance via DCOM

typing msra /offerra at a command prompt

Remote Assistance vs. Remote Desktop connection

  • Remote Assistance session, both users must be present at their respective computers and must agree to establish the connection. Remote Desktop Connection can be initiated from one computer without the assent of someone at the remote target computer.

  • Remote Assistance providers a shared view into an existing session, whereas Remote Desktop Connection starts a new session on the remote computer.

  • In a Remote Assistance session, the remote user has the same right and privileges as the local user. With Remote Desktop Connection, remote user can do whatever their account credentials allow them to do.

  • Remote Assistance connections can be established over the internet, even when each computer is behind a different router uses NAT. With Remote Desktop Connection, the target computer must be on the same network and it cannot be behind a NAT router.

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