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TourMap.CreateBoard at CITY

Modified on 2011/12/06 20:08 by Administrator Categorized as mMap

default.aspx example

<asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="css" runat="server">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/js/libs/jquery/plugins/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css" media="screen" />

<asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="contentMain" runat="server">
	//BoardId : 문화관광사이트 문화재자료 default.aspx내에 정의된 BoardID
	//DivisionId : 문화관광사이트 문화재자료 default.aspx내에 정의된 읍면 아이디
<%=TourMap.CreateBoard(new TourMapBoardParameters {
	BoardId = new Guid("A41C38A7-C7B4-422A-A15A-C3B5E23D4010"),
	ShowListMap = false,
	DivisionId = new Guid("FC6FACAF-C4C8-4221-8B1F-15F308133C04")

<asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="scripts" runat="server">

default.ascx example

<%=TourMap.CreateBoard(new TourMapBoardParameters {
	BoardId = new Guid("0BA809F8-75C5-472C-99F9-F3F81AFF4A6F"),  //BoardID is define in  TOUR's each default.aspx
	ShowListMap = false,
	DivisionId = BoardGroup1Detector.Detect().Value,
	GroupIdList = new Dictionary<Guid, string> {
		{ new Guid("7AD7339A-A0E0-43FC-B291-A8C4B6A9FC2F"), "지방 유형문화재" },  //GroupIdList is define in  TOUR's each default.aspx
		{ new Guid("D062D500-13A5-4AAD-9163-8354DD4719C6"), "지방 민속자료" },
		{ new Guid("1B8ADE5D-F5E1-4F0A-8C36-1D9315018B99"), "지방 문화재자료" },
		{ new Guid("7CC5B786-44FA-4F6B-9F59-8D85135EA8AF"), "지방 무형문화재" },
		{ new Guid("A5414E1B-2AE6-4F42-8624-0D3AAB2684AB"), "지방 기념물" },
		{ new Guid("FFDA4564-A459-474E-BCDB-8C3CEC5F38D6"), "전통사찰" },
		{ new Guid("D51E270D-FE3F-4DC8-BF47-7AF2FDFA5D16"), "비지정" },
		{ new Guid("803D702C-7078-4BA1-9534-356E12F83AB5"), "국보" },
		{ new Guid("3DBA0FAE-981C-434E-9926-45E0778919E6"), "국가 천연기념물" },
		{ new Guid("E71C9AC9-155A-4A55-8C42-E1F4ADF325BF"), "국가 중요민속자료" },
		{ new Guid("E5772315-094E-46EF-9623-57DA6D7E0756"), "국가 중요무형문화재" },
		{ new Guid("ED6EB11A-B53B-4B10-9CAA-8BF683B05D39"), "국가 사적" },
		{ new Guid("ABAE1A2A-FDA1-405C-90F9-7D342407D18E"), "국가 보물" },
		{ new Guid("D97F15A7-6905-4A4E-BACE-68DD41CC035E"), "국가 명승" },
		{ new Guid("DB7A09D6-F7CA-4AD8-9C35-5D5A085BC1CF"), "국가 등록문화재" }
	ShowGroupIdList = true

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