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Menu Control fro Mobile

Modified on 2012/03/15 15:23 by Administrator Categorized as MWMC, MWSF


  • Package: kr.or.must.MWSF.dll
  • Defined In : menu.config
  • Class: HtmlSubPage.cs
  • Subclasses:   
  • Extends:  

Config Options

  • In menu.config

* hide-for-mobile = "true/false"

  • You can write "true" or "false" at option
  • If true or blank, you can see the menu in mobile
  • Though the menu not appear, you can see the content when direct access url


Added below at CreateMobileMenu() part

	if (kr.or.must.mwsf.Settings.IsMobileDevice())
		if (sideSubMenu.Attributes.Any(kvp => kvp.Key == "hide-for-mobile" && kvp.Value == "true"))


<menu name="문화·역사" id="FFCBAA9E-2059-4751-9529-76925F2F491F" url="culture.history" >
	<menu name="인물" id="6A24E17D-CA7E-4683-9F99-AB0EC0CD4FC0" url="people" display-side="never" hide-for-mobile="true" />
	<menu name="전설" id="1DBA75EF-7CFE-4EDA-9A47-F477D48B5BB2" url="legend" display-side="never" />
	<menu name="민속놀이" id="65BFE547-4E52-487A-8D70-FF3B8CD02642" url="traditional.game" display-side="never" />
<menu url="helper" name="사이트도우미" id="8A158D4A-DA6E-4229-9215-3A6110677C46" manager="8826895A-4BFB-4597-A3F4-CA9694D00133" hidden="true" hide-for-mobile="true">
	<menu url="helper.infomation" name="홈페이지이용안내" id="A4215189-D61F-4EA1-95CC-13727D3474A6" manager="5315C479-8F9A-496E-B9F4-7F531026F986" sid="user-guide">
		<menu url="accessibility.statement" name="웹접근성 안내서" id="37C1CDFB-BF9B-4059-B460-90919078727A" sid="accessibility" />
		<menu url="standard.guidance" name="일반사항안내" id="AC2C2C1C-00E3-43FB-99BF-E114531FA2A3" />
		<menu url="mainpage.guidance" name="메인페이지안내" id="C2A397E3-E4DF-42D1-BE27-A505157F4207" />
		<menu url="website.text" name="글자크기안내" id="B43AEFB9-63BC-4B79-BF2A-870C8E4386F2" sid="website.text" />
		<menu url="board.guidance" name="게시판이용안내" id="483BC13D-A22B-4841-80B1-82A02C047791" />

  • This is hide-for-mobile="true" : not show in mobile.

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